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About Clark Nichols and Associates

Clark Nichols has spent a lifetime helping companies build their businesses, both as an employee in his early years, as an owner in his ambitious years,  and as a consultant in his productive years. He is an natural born entrepreneur infused with a missionary zeal to help the next generation of entrepreneurs learn that business is a clean and honorable profession bound by rules of propriety as well as law.

One of Clark's early endeavors was founding and editing The Granstman Quarterly Journal in 1972 and publishing his books, Corporate Funding and Basic Funding Development (1973)  dealing with funding mechanisms for the non-profit sector. Clark sold the Grantsman Quarterly Journal in 1976 and embarked on  journey of accomplishments that included running several publically traded companies. Under his leadership, Atlantic Mining Corporation (ALCM) saw their share price go from a nickel to over ten dollars in twelve months. A search for ALCM will show that it was delisted in 2009, twenty-eight years after Clark left the company.

As Clark is famously quoted as saying, "I can show them how to get it, but I can't show them how to keep it."

Clark consults with companies in their infancy and has never had a failure. By the time companies reach adolescence, which by Clark's definition begins after the second year, the true test of management begins and Clark's work is done.

In 1999 Clark was awarded a patent (5863021) for a holding device. At the time, there were a lot of  entities that wanted to obtain exclusive use of the patent.  Rather than discourage innovation, Clark allowed anyone who wanted to incorporate the patent into a product to pay one dollar for a non-exclusive license. Knowing when to get out of the way of innovation is as important as nurturing it.

In his heyday, Clark helped more than forty companies go public, many through reverse mergers. He has not followed the success or failure of those companies, although he smiles and says that most probably failed in their adolescence. 

Does it pay to listen to advice born of a lifetime of experience?  Certainly the rules have changed. That is why the Associates. Lawyers, and Accountants keep up on the latest regulations, while Clark teaches the basics and makes the difficult attainable.



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